Uniquely Scalable

large-2Revolution Online was specifically designed to make the creation and deployment of new features and functions quick and easy. Its relational design allows the CRM to have a consistent framework that can be customized modularly. Virtually every aspect of the operation of your CRM can be customized to your unique business rules.

Make it yours

  • Create and deploy new features and functions right now. Simple new features can be added within minutes, and more complex features can be built in days rather than months, and deployed in minutes rather than days.
  • Features added for any one client can be made available to all of our clients, while still being customized to each client’s individual needs and business rules.
  • Store an endless variety of your unique data elements without changing anything about the underlying database, or disrupting current activity.

Make it Scalable

Scalability depends on the basic application design, the software products used in tandem, and the infrastructure. Revolution Online is designed for maximum scalability. It is infinitely extensible and able to store as much information as you can gather.

  • Basic Application Design. Revolution Online’s relational design allows for an extensible storage system, so no matter how big you grow, the application won’t slow down and you’ll never hit a dead end in storage capacity.
  • Software & Hardware Infrastructure. Partnering with Oracle, Dell Computer and the EMC Corporation, we developed Revolution Online for maximum scalability.
  • Ease of Use. We continually monitor both the front-end and back-end of Revolution Online to ensure that each additional module works as seamlessly as the last.
The scalability and flexibility of ROI is astounding. When presented with opportunities to expand and enhance their system, the ROI staff willingly takes your input and spins it into something more sophisticated than you realized you might ever need.

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