Technical Details

Revolution Online is a state of the art web application accessible using all modern browser technologies. The front-end was built using industry standard J2EE Java, and the underlying database engine is Oracle 12C Enterprise Edition supplemented by a custom state of the art Storage Area Network.

The Database Server

The storage for each ROI Solutions database instance resides on an EMC Storage Area Network’s (SAN) monitored by ROI Solutions and EMC 24 hours a day. Client access is provided through a pool of web servers connected to redundant 100Mb connectivity of throughput. This provides a fast, reliable, and direct connection to your database without network bottlenecks.

ROI Solutions maintains an extensive server farm in our data centers. Every server is backed by an on-site, same-day service agreement. Each ROI Solutions system is configured with the latest server operating system with redundant power supplies, network connections, and internal hard disks. We don’t believe in maintaining old equipment, so you can be sure your server will be kept up-to-date.

Web-Based Deployment

Web-based deployment means all you need to access your database is a standard personal computer (PC or Mac), internet access, and a web browser. We support Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari browsers. We also support mobile browsing — giving clients the ability to connect via their mobile devices.

Revolution Online secures all web-browser communication using SSL-encryption and the HTTPS protocol. This means no one can intercept your transmissions or alter your data without authorization, so you don’t have to sacrifice security for convenience.

All of the hard number-crunching and heavy lifting is done on our end (on our servers), which means you don’t need heavy-hitter (a.k.a. expensive, fully-configured) PCs on your end. And no matter how big you grow, you won’t need to buy more memory to accommodate your organization’s success.


Each client database resides in its own instance sitting behind an array of fault-tolerant firewalls, network switches, and load balancers. End-user access to every database feature is controlled by security requirements that are defined by the client administrator. End-user login is encrypted and authenticated. ROI Solutions Revolution Online secures all of our web-browser communication using SSL-encryption using the HTTPS protocol so no one can intercept your transmissions or alter your data without authorization.

Data Center system access is restricted only to those ROI Solutions staff persons with a business need to access the systems. Physical access to the systems at the data center is further restricted to only those ROI Solutions employees who are qualified and would need to physically work on a machine. Data center access is logged and monitored 24/7 by the data center staff.

PCI-DSS Compliant

ROI Solutions is certified PCI-DSS Compliant, which means that we conduct our business according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. All ROI Solutions policies, procedures and technical systems that process cardholder data are validated with the PCI Data Security Standard. In addition, ROI has employed the services of security assessors and independent auditors to continually evaluate our internal processes and security standards.

Data Integrity & Audit Tracking

Revolution Online provides the utmost protection in data integrity at every level. Wherever possible, we use system-level validation fields to ensure a high degree of integrity for the future. This involves drop-down menu items and extensive edit masking, as well as prompts for required fields based upon organizational business rules. In addition, our comprehensive audit-tracking system constantly maintains an historic record of every change made to any field — including when the change was made, who made it, end-user login information, and an after-image of the tables changed. This sort of record is a key aspect of data integrity which provides complete accountability.


ROI Solutions has spent significant time and funds to ensure our backup procedures are exceptional. Client databases are backed up multiple times throughout each day using such technologies as EMC Networker, EMC Datadomain, and EMC SnapView.

Upgrades & Enhancements

In an effort to help our clients be as efficient as possible, ROI Solutions is committed to research and development in all aspects of our business. Part of our credo is to work with only cutting-edge technology, and therefore all of our hardware and software is kept current at our expense.

Periodically, we make upgrades and enhancements to the Revolution Online database. Because of Revolution Online’s hosted environment, we don’t need to deploy multiple versions of our product that then have to be installed by our clients. Instead, we handle all of the necessary upgrades and product deployment directly at our facility. Programming, development, and testing are done after regular business hours in a non-production environment. Once fully tested, the Revolution Online engine is updated in a matter of minutes and clients are able to realize the changes without leaving their chairs or reaching for their wallets.