Business Intelligence

picture1Effective fundraising requires ongoing analysis of past fundraising strategies. You need to know what’s working, what’s not, and why in a timely fashion. The more information you have about your constituents, the more you’ll understand what’s working for them, and the more you can make things work for you.

Revolution Online can store as much information as you can gather, no matter what that information is. Having this kind of data warehousing capability within your database of record and the ability to access all of your information in realtime makes analysis faster, easier, and more comprehensive than ever before. With the 360-degree constituent view available in Revolution Online, our clients can make data driven decisions and answer the questions that will drive their future growth.

ROI Solutions is constantly adding new analytics and dashboards for use by all of our clients. Through our comprehensive standard report suite, ad-hoc querying capabilities, and custom reporting options driven by our team of analysts, our goal is to provide our clients with the data they need to succeed.

We use Tableau to collaboratively create and publish dashboards directly in Revolution Online. With Tableau’s Desktop, our clients can perform live data discovery and create and publish their own dashboards, to be shared across their users directly in Revolution Online. Business Intelligence has never been easier, or more powerful.

The scalability and flexibility of ROI is astounding. When presented with opportunities to expand and enhance their system, the ROI staff willingly takes your input and spins it into something more sophisticated than you realized you might ever need.

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