mwi_9426ROI Solutions’ training philosophy is unique. We believe it’s in our best interest for our clients to be as knowledgeable about and comfortable with our application as possible, and therefore we offer our training sessions at no cost, always.

Personalized Training

We offer both group and individual training. Initially, when a client is up and running with Revolution Online, ROI will conduct training sessions for all users. These are typically done on-site in smaller groups over a period of a few days with each session lasting about four hours. Intermediate and advanced training sessions are conducted as requested by our clients, and can be done on-site or online.

Super Users

We like you to be as involved with your training as we are, so once your system is up and running, we suggest picking several key staff members to become particularly adept at using Revolution Online. The ROI training staff will take these “Super Users” through comprehensive end-user training sessions so that they are able to continue training new employees back at the client site. And, of course, ROI training staff is always available for additional support.

Help When You Need It

In addition to the Revolution Online user manual, a comprehensive online help section is built into the application.

Online Training & ROI University

We also provide a suite of online training sessions which enable you to participate in whichever training sessions you choose at your own convenience. And finally, we offer “ROI University,” — live, online, instructor-led training classes which are a great way for users to learn the system, get power-user tips, and find out about new services as they’re created.

We started looking at the ROI database back when Gina started the company. But we’re slow. So after 10 years or so of looking at our options we got a really good sense of who was coasting and hoping to get bought out by a competitor, and who was in it to make a great product. ROI spent all of that time improving the Revolution database – it should really have been the Evolution database because it was always getting better. And in the time we’ve been ROI clients, Revolution keeps getting better.

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