mwi_8730_croppedYour organization’s mission is unique, and so are your data and technology needs. The one constant that nonprofits face is needing to know how your constituents are interacting across your entire organization.

We created Revolution Online to grow as far and as fast as you do. Revolution Online’s design allows you to store an unlimited amount of data and add any number of custom data fields to the database. A fully integrated database of record allows you to understand the full picture of your constituents’ engagement across the organization. That means that when a donor calls your development office, you know at the click of a button how they have interacted with your organization, what actions they have taken, what information they need to know, without having to access multiple systems. It also means that the analysis you perform and the marketing decisions you make will be fueled by data driven across the donor’s engagement with your organization.

ROI Solutions maintains a best-of-breed approach that provides you with the flexibility to integrate almost any new system into the ROI CRM ecosystem. As the industry leader, known for our expertise, ROI Solutions serves as the general contractor for all of our clients’ best-of-breed solutions in the ROI CRM ecosystem. This means we take complete responsibility for ensuring the successful daily operation of all integrations for our clients.

In today’s world, it is difficult to predict what new technological capabilities will be needed beyond a three-year horizon. Our best-of-breed approach and our integration capabilities mean that you will be able to add almost any new capability whenever it is needed. In addition, ROI Solutions provides a fully documented Open API to our clients upon request. Use of the ROI Open API is resident within the application at no cost to our clients.

ROI Solutions is a terrific data service provider. Revolution Online's interface is user-friendly, the tools are amazing, and the analytical skills are top notch. The ROI staff is smart, tech-savvy, and dedicated to excellence. The Brady Campaign and Brady Center are fortunate to have such a great partner in ROI.

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence