From ROI Labs Meet MiLo: The Maestro of Machine Learning

Who is MiLo? No, MiLo is not a real person or even a robot, though if it were, it undoubtedly would consume mass quantities of data. MiLo is ROI Solutions newest service offering, a machine learning capability that allows ROI Solutions to build predictive models using client data to optimize audience selection for a desired outcome.

What can MiLo do for me? MiLo uses client data and leading-edge machine learning driven modeling algorithms to score a constituent audience based on a targeted outcome such as the predicted likelihood of response. This gives ROI the ability to run hundreds of models across millions of data points at rapid speed to identify the best model for your organization. MiLo uses clients’ own data from Revolution Online which can include transactional data, contact history, engagement data and other donor profile information, and even appended data. Each model that we deliver is client-specific because each client (and the data that is found to be predictive) is unique. MiLo gives our clients an easy way to test and prove the power of Machine Learning and AI to help improve fundraising results.

Over the last year we have partnered with select clients to build, test, and refine models for Lapsed Recapture via direct mail. With proven results, MiLo is now ready to help your organization improve its lapsed recapture efforts.

At HRC we have used various models over the years.  We have been very impressed with the results that we have been seeing from MiLo in both our recent lapsed and very deep lapsed audiences.  We have uncovered some responsive audiences that we would likely have never touched using our normal segmentation or other modeling efforts.

Susan Paine, Director of Analytics & Strategy
Human Rights Campaign

How long does it take to build? The set-up takes about two to three weeks to run the data, back-test past marketing efforts, score and output a lapsed audience. Once built, we can refresh and output an audience with about a week of lead time to coincide with your lapsed recapture efforts. ROI Solutions can also populate a table in Revolution Online with the modeling scores for ongoing use.

How much does MiLo cost? Pricing is comparable to other lapsed recapture models in the marketplace today. We have an annual subscription model based on volume and anticipated lapsed recapture mailing schedule. We want to prove the results to you, so we are offering a FREE model build and one-time test for clients before you subscribe.

What else can MiLo do besides Lapsed Recapture? The short answer is anything you ask of it, but it takes time and testing to create a new model. We are currently working with a few clients to beta-test additional use cases (for example a model to identify sustainers based on their churn risk), audiences, and additional channels. If you have had an idea that you are considering, and think MiLo might be able to help, we would love to hear from you.

How do I start?  All you have to do is contact your Account Manager and we will be in touch with you shortly.  We will walk through your lapsed recapture program, share the results of our past tests, and set up a test that will work for your organization.