From the Desk of John Hayes

After over 20 years in the industry, and nearly two years at ROI Solutions, one of the best parts of my job as an Account Director is when I get to tell clients that a product enhancement they suggested has been incorporated into the latest release. The staff at our client organizations are amazing, and the suggestions they provide help to make ROI Solutions a more effective and impactful partner.

Every feature request submitted on behalf of clients is reviewed based on the impact to the user experience as well as the utility across clients. Once developed, tested and rolled into production, we have the opportunity to give you the good news that your suggestion is now a part of the application.

During my time at ROI Solutions, I’ve been able to deliver this good news to nearly every client. Big or small, new or seasoned – ROI Solutions listens to every client suggestion, and we’re committed to ongoing collaboration with our client partners to make Revolution Online better every day. I love working with clients who are committed to excellence, and I love working at a company that strives to be ahead of the curve and keeps pace with our clients’ needs. With a new release every month, it is always exciting to see what new ideas will be suggested, and what amazing features the ROI Solutions team will implement. See you next month!