ROI Solutions’ Constituent Care Toolset

The Constituent Services component of Revolution Online, a new toolset for interacting with inbound communications from your constituents, launched to a segment of our client partners.  We’re still in beta and have gathered a lot of great feedback already.  There is a lot of exciting new functionality and we are excited to share it with our users. Here’s the major components – these are all screenshots live from our production environment in a test database setup:

  • Single-step approach to add new single gift or new pledge from the constituent record.
  • Updated Pledges screen, with simplified interface around pledge changes.
  • Updated Donations screen, with modern design, new approach to displaying related transactions.
  • New Activities structure to track follow-up tasks, like a need to call someone back.
  • Structure for metrics to help report on common changes like pledge upgrades/downgrades/cancellation.
  • Dashboard connecting you to open activities you and your team are responsible for.
  • A brand new way to search.

We are looking forward to a broader launch soon!