Marketing Automation

Have you heard of Marketing Automation (Engaging Networks’ email automation tool), but aren’t sure if it would benefit your organization?  The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) was an early adopter of Marketing Automation and has seen incredible results such as 3x higher open rate, 6x higher action rate, and nearly half (48%) of the donations they receive from their welcome series are recurring! Here’s what Drew Daniels, HRC’s Deputy Director of Online Strategy, has to say about it:

“Marketing automation makes it easy for us to make changes, test, and to respond to members and supporters. The integration we have with ROI has allowed us to be more targeted and speak to members and supporters in a timely and personal manner. Having a powerful and robust data-driven process, our Data Team/ROI works to ensure our marketing automation is heavily dependent upon the accuracy and people receive the right information at the right time. This has allowed us to get creative and remove some of the manual day to day work by sending out messages like welcome messages cultivating new donors, supporters who haven’t taken action in a year, monthly donors with decline credit cards, and even on-boarding supporters in priority and high priority states for the midterms with HRC Rising.”

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