Did you Know: The “?” Feature

A few weeks ago, one of our amazing clients asked us whether they could find recent contacts sent to a constituent while in Batch Entry. We hate to answer a question with a question mark but that’s exactly what we had to do.  This feature helps with data entry, specifically when clients are keying returns that they might classify as white mail (a term for when a donor returns a gift without including the reply device from the mail campaign). When this happens, and the user is keying the gift, it’s helpful to know what campaigns the donor recently received.  If the user doesn’t know offhand, they might make an educated guess about what the donor was responding to, and then attribute the gift to that campaign. To assist with this, we created the ? feature.

Here’s what it looks like, when you key a ? into the source code field of batch entry on a record in one of our client databases:

The listing above shows the most recent contacts (the source code, date and description) as hyperlinks, and the client can select one and it fills in the source code for them. It is a handy tool that we hope all of our users can employ!