Associate my Mail2DB Note to a Cultivation Activity

This need originated with Amnesty International, USA, who was quite proficient in using Mail2DB whenever they corresponded with their prospects. Mail2DB has always made it simple to get an email to (or about) your constituents into their constituent record as a comment or research note.  However, the problem posed was, is there a way that a user could email to Mail2DB, and have the email match up to the ‘right’ activity in a constituent’s cultivation plan, and attach as a note or comment specific to the activity level (rather than at the constituent level)?

We reached a simple solution: keep the current process of sending the email to Mail2DB and attaching it as an MG note and build in a way to find that note (or any MG note) copy it into the activity you’re editing.  No tricky matching logic needed – just email as usual and copy into the ‘right’ activity.  Just look for ‘Copy MG Notes’ at the bottom when you’re editing an activity.