Big, Significant Digits

At a recent product demo, a client challenged us: what if we ‘hit the jackpot’ and received a single donation payment of $10 million dollars.  And we said, Huh, I guess the application today limits the biggest dollar amount to be manually entered in a single batch of $9,999,999.99.

Well, we couldn’t have that – and we quickly came up with a solution that we hope all of our users can employ soon! Now, when you need to, a user can enter a single batch in Revolution Online with payments totaling over a billion dollars.

While making this improvement, we also went around the application and added an additional feature: when you’re typing in dollar amounts, the application now groups big digit values by thousands, with commas as digit group separators.

This makes it easier to tell if you’ve typed in 10 million dollars, or just 1 million dollars, and we’ve rolled this out to many of the screens in the application.