Summer at Farm Sanctuary

Summer at Farm Sanctuary

Maggi Berwind-Dart,  Technical Account Manager

Farm Sanctuary was founded in 1986, and since then, it has become the largest and most respected farm animal advocacy and rescue group in the country. Its original mission was to raise awareness about the cruelties of factory farming. Through its sanctuaries in California and New York, as well as its education and advocacy efforts, Farm Sanctuary has done that and so much more. They have rescued and cared for thousands of farm animals over the years, allowing these beautiful creatures to be ambassadors for their kind.

There are so many stories of redemption thanks to Farm Sanctuary’s tireless efforts on behalf of cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats and more. Here are two:

Betty Rose was a sweet older sheep who was found wandering in Southern California. Her woolly coat had grown over her eyes, so she couldn’t see; she was very thin and caked in mud. A kind-hearted family kept her safe and then Farm Sanctuary welcomed her to a new life of love and comfort.

Carlton was just a calf when he was rescued from dismal conditions, chained outside with no shelter or water. He had a leg condition that kept him from walking properly, and he was extremely thin. Farm Sanctuary got sweet little Carlton the medical care and treatment he needed so desperately, and he is now living his best life at the New York sanctuary.

For more great stories from Farm Sanctuary, or to learn more about this amazing organization, please visit their website, here.