Pride Month at HRC

Pride events are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the progress that the LGBTQ community has made, and to reflect on the distance we still must go to achieve full equality for everyone. Our partners at HRC work every day to achieve this equality, and during Pride Month, they are actively taking part in a wide range of festivals, parades and activities. In 2016 alone, HRC attended over 200 events nationwide, and have continued to maintain their strong supportive presence this year by attending festivals and parades in Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas, among others.

At the start of Pride Month, HRC also launched their Summer of Action, where staff and thousands of volunteers across the country lead over 250 events in more than 45 states. The goal of this program is to empower and mobilize voters to fight back against policies and legislation that undermines the LGBTQ community. Through this, HRC was able to implement training for grassroots advocates, register many new voters, and encourage attendees to increase their participation and visibility at LGBTQ marches and future events.  To learn more about the amazing work being done by HRC, please visit their website here.