GDPR Preparedness

Sarah Birnie, Sr. Product Manager

About two months ago I attended a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) presentation at the 2018 NTEN Conference. Everything I had heard and read on the topic brought me to the conclusion that it is up to the amazing people at our client organizations to figure out how to be compliant with the regulation. The presenter affirmed those conclusions; however, the super smart person I was sitting next to – someone from one of our incredible organizations – turned to me and asked, “What is ROI Solutions doing about this?”

Within an hour of the presentation ending I was brainstorming with Karen Engstrom, our VP of Product Management, on what could – no, what should – ROI Solutions do to help our organizations wade through the murky waters of GDPR. That brainstorming turned to reality with our May 18, 2018 deployment where we released the new ‘Forget Me’ function that allows you to “forget” a constituent from ROI upon their request. For more information about GDPR and what ROI is doing, check out our memo on the User Forum.

Want to see what others are doing to be GDPR compliant? Want to share your solution? Connect with other ROI clients on the Upcoming GDPR Regulations thread on the User Forum.