Making Related Transactions Easier

In April’s release, we added a new way to work with related transactions. If you have edit access to the financial, donations screen of a constituent record, you now have enhanced abilities to add or remove a related transaction tied to a hard credit transaction – without modifying the hard credit.

Previously, after finalizing a batch, when you realized that you forgot to soft credit a donor, meant to add a related note on the gift, or otherwise needed something fixed, adding or removing related transactions would require reversing the original transaction using Batch Input. That functionality hasn’t gone away, but based on feedback from organizations tracking gifts with lots of related transactions (like checks from Benevity), there was a demand for a more straightforward approach.

How does this work? From the donor’s account, switch to Edit mode, then go to Financial / Donations to see a transaction you’d like to modify.

Be sure to have Batch and Status fields showing in your output fields.

In the batch column, you should see the  icon which invokes an input screen for related transactions.

On Save, the related transaction is created. If the related type is configured to create a soft payment, there will be a soft payment on the related donor’s account.

If you’ve got a related transaction to remove, click on the ‘X’ and the related transaction goes away, no batching required. Any automated soft payments, created when the related transaction was originally added, get reversed on deletion.