From the Desk of Matt Rosen, Vice President of Client Services

You have probably noticed that we are growing, both in terms of staff and number of clients.  We are excited and energized by that growth, and I wanted to take moment to share what that means for ROI Solutions and all our client partners.

A big benefit for our clients is the additional sharing of best practices, new strategies, and approaches to problem solving.  Our clients are so generous with their time and are always willing to help other organizations make the world a better place.  More clients means our Users have more access to their nonprofit peers, and more access to all the good thinking that comes with a wider user base.

Similarly, as our staff and client base continues to grow, so does our collective knowledge. We are excited about all these additions to the ROI family and look forward to introducing our amazing new team members to the wider community. One of the newest additions to our Client Services team, Ami Fish, has written a short introductory piece later in the newsletter.

As much as we might think we are experts in non-profit data (and we are), our new peers and our new clients will always continue to teach us and challenge us.  The growth ROI experiences will lead to new learning opportunities, which will help us serve all our partners even better.

As we continue to grow, we want to ensure that our community strengthens as well.  One great new resource for sharing ideas is ROI’s new User Community Forum. The Forum is an online discussion group where Revolution Online Users can come together to communicate and collaborate with their peers.  We are very excited about this forum and I would encourage all our users to join the conversation!  Sign up here today.