What’s in the Product Pipeline?

Karen Engstrom, VP of Product Management & User Experience

As the head of Product Management & User Experience at ROI Solutions, it is my express goal to make sure that Revolution Online meets the evolving needs of our client organizations.  In software, we believe that a Product Roadmap needs to be a living, breathing document to guide strategy, but be fluid enough to allow a quick response to changing technologies and client needs.

We have so many wonderful product ideas that our clients share with us every day, I wanted to share a few of those that we will be working on in 2018.  My “resolution” is to listen to your needs and convert your wish lists into strategic product enhancements that can benefit our full user community.

Here are three of the exciting projects that we have in the pipeline over the next year:

  • High Touch Roll-Out.  Speaking of pipelines, 2017 was the year of the High Touch development project. Since the launch of the platform we have continued to make enhancements to High Touch and will continue to roll new functionality out over the course of 2018.  We have six clients at various stages of going live and using the new functionality, with twelve more clients slated for “conversion” in Q1 and Q2, and the feedback from our early adopters has been excellent.
  • Constituent Care Platform.  In 2017 we shared with you our User Centered Design approach and how we focused on client users and subject matter experts in major giving, planned giving, and prospect research to help inform the UX and UI of that platform.  We are following the same approach, and working with the same award-winning UX firm, Design By Context, to create a new platform for Constituent Care representatives.  Does your office field a whole lot of calls from your organization’s constituents?  Do you have ideas on what information should be easily summarized and presented to constituent care representatives so that they can do their work efficiently and effectively?  If so, we want to hear from you and we want to ask you to consider being a part of our Constituent Care design committee.  We have slated this project for a Q3 2018 release and we are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with our clients to improve the constituent care experience.
  • Data Hygiene and Data Enhancement Project.  Almost all of our clients are running regular data hygiene processes like NCOA/CASS Certification; some are doing PCOA and other advanced data hygiene processes; some clients are regularly overlaying third-party data to enhance their files; sometimes that data gets back into Revolution Online, and sometimes it does not (but we definitely think it should!). We are in the process of investigating some options to provide ROI Solutions clients with a more streamlined method for common data hygiene processes and data overlay elements. We hope to learn about the third-party providers that you are using today for data hygiene and data overlays to see if we can provide all clients with a more efficient method to manage these processes through Revolution Online.  We are looking at a pilot program in Q1-Q2 and a full roll-out by Q3 of next year.

Throughout the year we will update you on these projects and many more.  Keep the ideas coming and please share what’s on your wish list for 2018 and beyond!