Now Available – Workplace Giving Upload

Do you remember back in March when we said we were going to be releasing a workplace giving upload to streamline the process of managing one check representing multiple donors?  Well, we didn’t forget about it and wanted to remind our users that it is now available.

A new upload has been created to accommodate the multiple donor information that goes with third-party payments. Should you choose to manually key these donations, there will be a new streamlined batch entry type to enter a payment with multiple related transactions available slated for the November release. We have even providing the flexibility of batching the payment when it’s received and adding the related soft credits at another time.

Many Third-Party collectors provide download files with the donor information and gift amounts that add up to the third-party payment. With the new upload, you can use this file to add the payment, add the donors (or match to existing donors) and create the related transactions in Revolution Online.  Contact your account manager today if you want to see how it works.