PETA and ROI Solutions Launch RedPoint Interaction™

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will be going live on RedPoint Interaction in June 2017.  We have told you before about our partnership with RedPoint Global and how their application, RedPoint Interaction, combined with ROI Solutions’ data management capabilities can be a powerful tool to manage marketing automation across multi-channel campaigns.

RedPoint Interaction resides on top of Revolution Online and has access to all of a client’s data on all of its constituents. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, our clients can automate multi-channel campaigns that use action or time-based triggers. A specific activity state can be used to trigger a second campaign based on the action a constituent took in the previous campaign.

Even before PETA is live on RedPoint, ROI’s data services team has been hard at work building out a re-usable library of audience selections, suppressions and segmentation logic in the application.  As PETA begins training on RedPoint they will use the application to perform live data discovery and to manage a variety of internal data pulls.  As ROI and PETA begin to collaborate in this application over the next couple of months, a number of new marketing opportunities will become available to the organization.

As Steve Kehrli, Vice President of Development at the PETA Foundation puts it, “We have had some ideas percolating for a while about how we might potentially improve our ongoing ‘evergreen’ campaigns like the new donor welcome series and the sustainer conversion series.  We get new donors in from many different channels, so to be able to manage file selection in one platform and automate the output for different messaging would be great.  We are very excited about the possibility of testing some of these new ideas in RedPoint and having the ability to easily tweak components of those series, like channel or cadence, based on results.”

For more information about how ROI Solutions’ clients can put RedPoint Interaction to use and to see a demo please contact Jason Robbins,