Organization Functionality Enhancement

Back in March, we noted an upcoming enhancement for storing and displaying complex organization records.  If you work with organizations, here are a few important changes you should know.

Keep in mind, we are still beta testing this new approach with a select group of clients, and our goal is to have this ready to start rolling-out more clients at the end of Summer 2017.

  1. Every Organization gets an ‘Organization Info’ record, separate from the Primary Contact, and any other contacts on the account. The Organization Info record has its own ROI Family ID value, and is considered the ‘top’ of the account.
  2. What you know specific to the ‘Organization Info’ record, like address or other contact info, displays on the account screen, while the separate staff/contacts screen displays any additional contacts.

  1. Almost anything that you might want to track at an individual’s level can also be tracked at the organization level as well – donations, contact history, contact info, comments, and so on.
  2. Staff/contacts now have a contact status of either ‘Current’ or ‘Inactive/Former’ to help you keep a better historical record as staff come and go at the organization. Instead of splitting that person out when the leave, setting them to inactive/former keeps their interactions as an employee, financial or otherwise, tied to the overall organization.

  1. Relationship Managers act like solicitors/major gift officers – they liaise between the organization or any individual staff/contacts, and their roles over time are tracked on their own screen in the ‘organization overview’ section.

  1. Connections are important – Organizations link to other organizations via demographics, relationships– the classic example is a main headquarters and affiliate offices.
  2. When defining a relationship, you can establish if it is a ‘key’ relationship – that is, we’ve made it easier on the relationship screen to filter out the important connections. This will make it easier to identify the most important relationships with an organization, when there are many existing relationships already created.

  1. Using financial, Donation Roll-up, aggregating donations made by affiliate offices is made easier. You’ll be able to see total gifts from each of the affiliated organization branch offices in one place.

In our testing, the feedback we’ve received indicates that the new screens are intuitive and meet some outstanding client needs. We’re excited to launch this improvement and can’t wait to see more clients put it to the test.