Did You Know? – Aliases & Multi Currency

Did You Know? – Aliases & Multi Currency


In Revolution Online, an Alias is a special mixed-use field that makes life easier when trying to find constituents. The fields on the main search screen help you find a record, like Last Name or City.  Fields can have only one value in your database at a time, so the challenge comes in when you want to find information that has since changed.  What if someone changes their last name, or moves, and you search on that old value?  Aliases come in to play automatically, and help the search tool point you to the record you want.

For example, when Adam got married and changed his last name to match his partner’s, he let your organization know, and Adam’s Revolution Online Last Name field was updated. When that happened, a new Alias record was created and stored the old value.  Our Search screen is smart enough to look for the presence of that Alias value as well as the current Last Name field when you do a search.

You can create these aliases manually (e.g. nickname, prior name, or affiliation to an organization), and they’re also created programmatically when changes are made to certain fields (the old value gets saved as an alias).  The automatic changes are made when you edit a record and overwrite an existing value, when records are merged, or by any other automated process like changes that come in by API or upload.


In a recent software deployment, we launched a refreshed version of this screen with added filtering functionality. This screen, found in the contact information section of the constituent record, displays all current aliases, and lets you manually create, update, or remove aliases.

We’ve found that this approach seamlessly makes user searching much more efficient – there’s a good chance you’ve benefited already from this functionality without ever knowing it!

Multi Currency

As the world becomes more global, so do our clients and your constituents.  Our approach to accommodating donations from different countries allows the end user to choose the currency type at the time the donation is keyed.  The value of the currency unit is converted to whatever currency is your preferred primary currency, and the conversion happens automatically using conversion rates provided daily by the European Central Bank.


Sounds fun?  We think so – if your organization isn’t currently using the Multi-Currency functionality of Revolution Online and you’re interested in starting, reach out to your friendly Client Services representative at ROI Solutions for an intro.