A Holiday Tradition Benefiting the Somerville Homeless Coalition

A Holiday Tradition Benefiting the Somerville Homeless Coalition

We work with nonprofits all over the United States, from Washington, DC to San Francisco, but a few of our clients are also our neighbors. Just a 5-minute train ride away from ROI Headquarters, the Somerville Homeless Coalition has been serving our local community for 31 years, providing housing, food assistance, and a broad range of other services to homeless individuals and families as well as those under threat of homelessness.

Locally, the SHC is known for hosting some of the area’s most anticipated events, such as the Annual Somerville Homeless Coalition 5K Road Race in the fall, and the Redbones Pig Pickin’ Barbeque in summer. On December 21st, 2016, another Cambridge/ Somerville tradition benefitting the SHC, the beloved Christmas Cavalcade for the Homeless, will make its debut in a new location.

After 11 years at the gone-but-not-forgotten Johnny D’s in the heart of Davis Square, the Cavalcade has found a new home just up the street at the ONCE Ballroom. Boasting a bigger stage, more seating, and an upstairs bar and lounge all located in a historic building, this year’s show is sure to be an extravaganza.

In 2015, ROI Solutions’ company band performed in the very last Johnny D’s Cavalcade, alongside a plethora of acts from the Boston area. Featuring jazz, brass marching bands, folk, funk, novelty acts, and a great deal more, Christmas Cavalcades are hosted by the Chandler Travis Philharmonic and are known to last into the wee hours. Although Christmas music is the main offering, the Cavalcade takes its inspiration from variety shows and vaudeville and aims to have something for everyone.

Tickets are $25 suggested donation, and all proceeds will go to benefit the SHC. For more information or to purchase advance tickets, please go to the ONCE Ballroom’s website.