A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I loved it when software companies issued upgraded software. Not tiny revisions, but the massive overhauls that required learning a new user interface. #OMG! When Microsoft or Apple (I’ve always used both) came out with the latest version of anything, I was on the bleeding edge of trying out the new upgrade. Beta Tester? You betcha!

Admittedly, that was back when computers were fun and not work. Then of course that all changed. Somewhere along the path, I ended up with less time and a lot more work to get done. I no longer wanted to learn a new way to navigate around MSWord’s ribbon; or Excel’s latest functions; or learn Apple’s new User Interface. And with multiple devices connecting me to the world at any given moment, an update can cost me significant time. Therein lies the rub: software should make our lives easier. In the world of technology – “Simple wins.” And too often change comes at a cost to productivity.

That is precisely why we were so careful about the approach to developing our new User Interface (UI). Our goal with the new UI was to streamline the human interaction with Revolution Online CRM – making it more simple, more intuitive and easier to use, but recognizing that we have thousands of end-users who, like it or not, are used to a specific way of working with the Revolution Online UI. It’s a delicate balance and one we understood very well in undertaking the new design.

I am proud of the new look and the approach we took in the re-design. You will find the same level of Enterprise-class functionality with a more friendly and intuitive interface.

Now, when you look at a constituent record, you can quickly spot the information that you need or that indicates the constituent’s engagement in your organization. The new banner includes contact information, most recent gift, and membership information – without a single click!


Favorite your Favorites

You can also favorite your favorites! When you do, the Favorites sub-tab will become the first thing shown when you click on a tab. Once you’ve saved a favorite, click the “Edit Favorites” button and check the box as shown below.