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is the most powerful and most comprehensive CRM solution created specifically for nonprofit organizations.

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Streamlining Operations through Intelligent Automation: Rethinking Pledge Processing

The Challenge.  On-air pledge drives are the foundation for public media fundraising. If done well, these drives provide an opportunity for public…

  • The scalability and flexibility of ROI is astounding. When presented with opportunities to expand and enhance their system, the ROI staff willingly takes your input and spins it into something more sophisticated than you realized you might ever need.
  • Who is ROI Solutions? A true partner. They have made our success their business. Whether it's a complex direct mail appeal or a need to organize volunteer information better, the ROI team is sure to provide smart ideas and deliver solid solutions. We also have an outstanding service provider. Their data management services are responsive, thorough, and reasonably priced. Revolution Online has proven to be a reliable and scalable home for our 20+ million constituent accounts. We could have made a different decision, but it is clear that we've made the right decision.
  • I’m always impressed by the brain power that comes from ROI staff. Whether it’s brainstorming how to build a new system to enter donations or developing new keyboard shortcuts for faster data entry, ROI is always ready for a new challenge. They bring to the table a wealth of experience that helps guide new projects; and if they’ve never tried what you’re proposing as a new venture, they’re always open to new ideas and willing to work through the details.

We are a focused team of strategists, engineers, and analysts in the field of non-profit data management

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