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Revolution Online CRM empowers nonprofits’ one-on-one communication strategy so your organization can reach the right people at the right time with the right ask through the right channel. We know your organization works hard to make the world a better place and ROI Solutions is here by your side to help you achieve your mission.  We are on your team.

Revolution Online CRM

Revolution Online CRM empowers your organization to build and nurture life-long relationships so that you can become a constituent-centered nonprofit.

Client Services that cares for you

It’s truly all about the company that you keep. We are proud to work with the brightest nonprofit organizations.  Hear what our clients have to say about ROI Solutions.

The data you need when you need it

Our Data Management Services team is always there if you need assistance to create outputs, manage uploads, create reports, or just help you better manage your data.

Make Transformational Giving a Reality

Frontline fundraisers need a collaborative environment where staff can manage their prospect portfolio, successfully cultivate relationships and secure transformational gifts.

Every inbound inquiry is an opportunity

Your constituent care representatives need to have the ability to quickly triage inbound questions and comments and help get your constituents what they need, when they need it.

100% track record in implementation.
Always on time and within budget.

We have heard disastrous stories of nonprofit organizations choosing a CRM only to experience significant delays and cost overruns. It doesn’t have to be that way. We are here for you.

Your data tells a story. Learn from it.

With the 360-degree constituent view and the tools to analyze data trends you can tailor your communication strategy for success.

Light bulb moment.  Call us!

We constantly test new ideas and strategies to help our users become more efficient and more effective.  If a new feature will benefit all of our clients, we assume the investment in strengthening our core product.

Training.  Free Always.

We want you to be an expert on using Revolution Online.  New staff member? Need a refresher course. We have training options available for you.

MiLo: Machine Learning Models

Finding the right audience with your marketing outreach equates to better outcomes and improved ROI.  Let MiLo™ help you target the most receptive audiences.

Our clients are changing the world.

We are proud of the organizations we work with to help them make the world a better place:

So we're a data driven organization, and we aspire to be ever more data driven. We're still aspiring that magical one-to-one marketing that we all talk about where we really personalize the right offer to the right person through the right channel or set of channels at the right time. And ROI Solutions is at the center of all of that.

Jeff Regen
Vice President of Development

So one of the main reasons why we are happy with our relationship, our partner relationship with ROI Solutions, is that they're very responsive at taking our suggestions. I have a team that is highly innovative, and to have a partner that meets them with that innovation is really key for us, for the success of our organization and ultimately our mission.

Steve Kehrli
Vice President of Development
PETA Foundation

One of the wonderful things about partnering with ROI Solutions as an organization and using Revolution Online is that when ROI Solutions agrees to have you become a client, and you agree to become a client, they really shepherd you through the process.

Mary Murtala
Senior Director Development Operations
National Parks Conservation Association


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